We, domestic and abroad, I’m not caring and am purchasing the antique called a junk in the center. For example that’s a toy of the chair which has broken and the latten which doesn’t move. There is also something to purchase as something to repair and sell and the material of course, but there is another meaning in” broken chair” for a factory.

The thing to which we’re important for a store primarily ascertains” right” and” plainness” and projects onto goods. It’s ambiguous, also know whether service is so, oh, it’s done and isn’t done. When saying at the seat, it’s beautiful and modern, and it may be the one I tend to use in the value and it may be something excellent in quality and luxury.

But from the time when it’s a child why I am,” it isn’t right,” And” It isn’t understood,” It was being attracted.

It breaks, and I think as expected, the seat where you can’t sit down isn’t right as a seat. The word that nothing knows whether you’d like is heard well. Still when seeing the broken chair here, I think” I’d like what it is.” That’s just the moment’s affair. So” what it’s good charge” will be paid to owner’s person. A broken chair changes to” the value for me” at the moment.

But that says” It’s broken.”, it isn’t right, it was included just as it is. It’s without knowing why you” would like”.

And it’s carried to Japan and it’s placed on a factory. That isn’t understood for some reason, but it’s transferred to the next person who liked. Then after that, it changes to the” value” of the person. While I’m also doing this work in Japan at foreign countries, suddenly, I’m moved and feel meaningfully terribly.

But I’m here without understanding the reason as expected…

ー スタッフ紹介

・Yoshiki   ” Store manager “


・Noji kun   ” Factory manager “


・Mossan   ” Photographer “


・Harapen   ” Designer “

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代表者:原 佳希